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Day or night, sunny or grey, enjoy our all-day breakfast service.

English Owned since 1994

Over het restaurant Scallywags Lunchroom & Diner

Ben je klaar voor een internationale break? Kom dan naar Scallywags restaurant. Hartje Londen in Den Haag. Gerechten worden bereid volgens Engels recept, ook de zoete taarten die zo onweerstaanbaar lekker ruiken. Neem je woordenboek mee als je geen Engels spreekt, want de bediening is English as well. Je voelt je toerist in eigen land, ideaal als je even wilt ontsnappen aan je dagelijkse beslommeringen. Geniet van deze bijzondere ervaring.

Celebrating Scallywags The Hague

26 Years and counting in The Hague

Though many roads may lead to Rome, 26 years of roaming the world always brought us back to The Hague : From Wagenstraat to Wagenstraatplein to Kettingstraat,and to our final destination at Haagsche Bluf Passage.

We hope you love it as much as weve loved scouting the long and winding passage that led Scallywags restaurant to this much wanted , iconic oasis in our enchanting historical citycentre.

During all these years,the good heartedness and generous loyalty of our dear and feisty guests have driven our ambition to go on in better and lesser times,making it possible for us to reach this milestone and continue serving them with the same desire,authenticity and dedication,now in the princely setting they deserve.

So savour and like your 'upgraded' experience together with us!

With gratitude and love from Richard,Jeff and Adam.