We have something really epic for this weekend!!

First of all i hope you are all keeping well and healthy, both physically and mentally. Im not going to lie,it has been rough lately the second lockdown,but together we are getting through it. It has been another opportunity to test ourselves and come up with new ideas to share.

This weekends menu is posted on the home page,and i definitely recommend the pheasant with sour kraut and mashed potato its just good old comfort food and the produce of the autumn season are amongst the tastiest.

So we are really excited for the weekend because we will be setting up the Big Green Egg to make some amazing hot dogs , my father likes to call them "hot bitches'' ,but whatever floats your boat.

Imagine though , hot dogs with that smokey flavour that only the Green egg can produce,topped with zuurkool, mustard, and some damn good home made picallily.

The weather is going to be crap so you might aswell swing by and wash that hot dog down with a warm cup of Gluhwein , flavoured with our special orange spice.

Hope you guys have a good end to your work week and hope to see you at Scallywags this weekend, we need your support and you need yummy food and some bitchyness from Richard.

Ciao for now xx

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